ShapeX – a quick and unique image collage generator Creating one-of-a-kind collages with ShapeX is fun and fast, and you’re provided with a number of tools to enhance your photographs, too. You can make collages in the shape of animals, numbers, words and many other objects and then experiment with changing the amount, size and orientation of your images and the borders between and around them. You can then save your collage as a JPG or PNG image to print or share socially. Simple, fast, easy-to-use-interface Completely self-explanatory, ShapeX’s graphic user interface gives an immediate impression of its easily discernible operation.

ShapeX is Freeware

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it.
ShapeX, as a software, does not, in any way, collect or transmit any Personal Information.
In fact, no information (personal or not) is ever collected or transmitted.



 – ShapeX – Free Shape Collage Tool  !!!  

 – (v1.1) Save Example Images & New Examples !
 – (v1.2) Performance Update, Category Management !


ZIP ShapeX – Collage v1.2 (.zip) – Portable
 ShapeX – Collage v1.2 (Setup.exe) – Installer

ZIP ShapeX – Collage v1.1 (.zip)

ZIP   ShapeX – Collage v1.0 (.zip)